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Strategic Network for Sensor Research

at Cambridge University

CamBridgeSens is the home of
Sensor Research and Applications
across Cambridge University

CamBridgeSens is a Strategic Network of several hundred academics and researchers from more than 20 departments in the Universeuser-optical-fibreity with an interest in sensor technologies and applications. In addition we are running a Centre for Doctoral Training in Sensor Technologies and Applications (Sensor CDT). Together CamBridgeSens and the Sensor CDT form a "virtual super department" across the Schools of Physical and Biological Sciences, Clinical Medicine, Technology.

Driving innovation through interdisciplinary research

CamBridgeSens connects researchers and academics from across traditional academic disciplines and industry to enable, support and drive sensor innovation. Sensors have come to define our lives, from point of care glucose sensors to smart homes and mobile phones. Sensing has become more than just the measurement of an individual physical, chemical or biological property, like temperature or water quality. The miniaturisation of sensors and the intelligent combination of sensory data allow new sensor applications, such as driverless cars and autonomous remote sensors to monitor our environment.

Sensor innovation thrives through collaboration between researchers from different disciplines and industry. CamBridgeSens is here to facilitate these collaborations.

Supporting university researchers

CamBridgeSens provides a supportive network for researchers at all career stages, from postgraduate students, to post-doctoral researchers and academics.

We run interdisciplinary workshops, provide training and link together the people, talent, and infrastructure necessary to catalyse breakthroughs in sensor innovation and application.

Engaging with industry

Many academics and researchers form CamBridgeSens work with industry to solve challenging problems in a wide range of applications, ranging from understanding diseases to sustainable food production and space exploration.

CamBridgeSens is actively supporting links between the University and industry. Take a look how CamBridgeSens could support your collaboration.

Getting involved

If you have an interest in sensors, whether that is the development of new technologies or the application of sensors in your research area, please get in touch with us.

Why not to

  • get signed up to our mailing list,
  • tell us about your latest research,
  • let us know about an outreach event you are running,
  • find out about other people in Cambridge University working in the area
  • suggest a workshop or event we might be able to organise

Latest news

European Research Council grants for CamBridgeSens researchers

12 December 2020

Silvia Vignolini and Tuomas Knowles have won ERC Consolidator Grants to work on the interaction between light and organisms and how proteins come together to form functional liquid organelles.

Cell membranes on a chip

10 July 2020

Artificial cell membranes on a chip combine biology and electronics to monitor how molecules enter our cells.

Sensors help understanding housing conditions in Mumbai

14 February 2020

Sensors help to understand the increasing energy needs of residents in Mumbai's slum rehabilitation housing and its poor inside air quality. Based on qualitative and quantitative research Cambridge architect and urban designer Ronita Bardhan has made suggestions on how to improve the living conditions of millions of people and at the same time reduce the environmental impact.