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Strategic Network for Sensor Research

at Cambridge University

Enabling collaboration

Do you want to find out how your new sensor technology can be applied? Do you have a measurement challenge bit don't know how to solve it?

Modern sensor R&D is based on collaboration. It brings together everybody, from the developers of new technology to the end user in academia, society and industry.

CamBridgeSens works with sensor researchers across Cambridge University, industry and other national and international research organisations. Our members adapt existing technologies to be used in new areas of sensing or develop new sensors from basic principles to match the requirements of the end user.

For academia

If you are a researcher in Cambridge University find out how CamBridgeSens can support your research.

An example of academic collaboration was the Biomaker Challenge during the summer 2017.

For industry

Whether you are from a multinational corporation, a SME or a start-up, have a look how CamBridgeSens can connect you with researchers at Cambridge University.

For government, policy makers, NGOs

At CamBridgeSens we are happy to contacted by government departments or NGO who are interested in the societal aspects of sensing, such asĀ  privacy or the use of sensors to monitor critical civil infrastructure.


For more information contact the Programme Manager .