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Welcome to the CamBridgeSens Strategic Network at the University of Cambridge.

We are connecting the people, talent, and infrastructure to catalyse interdisciplinary sensor innovation and application.

CamBridgeSens is for you, whether you are working in sensor related research at Cambridge University or in industry and wanting to establish links with sensor research at the University.
Focus On

Centre for Doctoral Training in

Sensor Technologies and Applications

A small number of fully funded studentships
is available for October 2014

Application deadline 3 August 2014

A second application round for a small number of fully funded PhD studentships for UK and elligible EU applicants is open now. Please visit the CDT website for more information.



Cambridge Open Technology Workshop

20 June 2014


Engineering Department
University of Cambridge

The advance of open hardware such as the Raspberry Pi and Arduino platforms, alongside advances in consumer-grade 3D printing technologies, is boosting the development of "maker communities" in most parts of the world, progressively imposing a rethink of innovation and manufacturing techniques.

In this all-day workshop, open to the general public, many aspects of open technologies and their implications in the context of academic research and education will be explored through talks and demonstrations.

The workshop is a collaboration between CamBridgeSens, the OpenLabTools and Synthetic Biology Initiatives.

Programme summary:

Talks by speakers from

  • the Raspberry Pi Foundation,
  • Mathworks,
  • Microsoft,
  • Departments of Engineering,
    Genetics and

Demonstrations of

  • Open Microscope and Mechanical testing rig,
  • Raspberry Pi and Arduino projects with MATLAB & Simulink,
  • 3D printed platform, and
  • Micropython.

For the full programme and details how to register please visit the Open Technology Workshop website.
Contact Alexandre Kabla ( for more information.

ESPRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Sensor Technologies and Application

The Sensor CDT will be training  PhD students across a wide spectrum of sensor technologies, applications and middleware. Researchers from twenty University departments in the Schools of Physical and Biological Sciences, Technology and Medicine will participate in this programme which will combine interdisciplinary research, team work and industry relevant training.

The new Sensor CDT and CamBridgeSens will work in close collaboration providing a focal point for sensor research at Cambridge University. Together with our industrial partners we will educate a new generation of sensor champions who will no longer treat sensors just as "black boxes" but will understand the whole value chain from sensor technology to application.

Up to 10 studentships are available to UK students and EU citizens who have lived in the UK for the last three years. Overseas students are not eligible for funding from the CDT and should instead secure funding from other sources. To apply visit the Sensor CDT website.


Cafe Synthetique


Interested in Synthetic Biology and open lab technologies? Then Cafe Synthetique might be for you.

This interest group combines synthetic biology, i.e. the DNA-based reprogramming and computational modelling of living systems with the development of low-cost hardware for biological instrumentation. It is based in the University of Cambridge and supported by the Strategic Research Initiative in Synthetic Biology.

The group meets once a month in the Panthon Arms in Cambridge. A timetable of the next meetings and directions are available here.

Cafe Synthetique's organiser is Jim Haseloff from the Department of Plant Sciences and a member of CamBridgeSens and the OpenLabTools initiative.